K.C. Kilpatrick

Founder and Executive Director

Geaux 4 Kids and Project Geaux Bags are more than philanthropy to K.C. They’re personal.

Her two beautiful children, Hallie-Stella and Jayden, came to her through the foster care system. She experienced first-hand the trauma and tragedy that children face when first taken into protective custody.

K.C. and Geaux 4 Kids, Inc. believes that all children deserve dignity and hope for their future when they enter emergency foster care through no fault of their own.

How Geaux 4 Kids, Inc. Began

K.C. Kilpatrick’s Powerful Story

This journey began when two children came to K.C. with only the clothes on their back and a meth pipe in a Winn-Dixie bag.

The complicated, yet simple, truth

Two siblings, ages 1 and 2, were rescued by calls to the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services by several concerned family members. At very young ages, these children had already experienced some of the worst things that life has to offer: abuse, neglect and the destructive cycle of parental addiction.

They were delivered to K.C. at her certified “foster to adopt” house by a well-meaning, yet exhausted, underpaid “too many caseloads” DCFS worker who was a mother herself. It was an emergency situation, and there was no time to prepare. The children arrived with only the clothes on their back, along with dirty pajamas, only one diaper and a meth pipe in a Winn-Dixie bag.

After getting mad at the situation and gaining awareness of the state in which foster children are rescued, she realized that doing nothing was not an option. She and others who wanted to help the children in a direct and impactful way were determined to provide this emergency help during that awful first night. Therefore, “Geaux Bags” was born into existence.

Through Geaux Bags, children receive a bag full of basic necessities and comfort items during that emergency transition.

If you know or suspect a child in neglect or abuse, please call
the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services.